K03 vs td04

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Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 04 August - PM. Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply. Posted 04 August - PM What are the differences in these turbos, i'm kinda new to setups, are these straight bolt on or do mods need to be done for these :?

Each of them have their own flange design s. The exhaust housing has its own sizes -- ours is 8cm2. So, only a TDcm2 housing will bolt directly to our factory exhaust manifold. Also, our factory turbo housing can be bored out to fit larger exhaust wheel and compressor wheel. Other makes of cars came equipped with Garrett turbos.

Srt 4 turbo upgrade

These include most Porsches and Nissans. On the exhaust side there is the housing and wheel. On the compressor side there is the housing and compressor wheel. Wheel sizes from smallest to largest -- 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, and The letter suffix is the trim of the wheel, which is the balance between quick spool versus the ability to compress air over 15 psi.

It would depend which housing you have, the nozzle area size and other variables. So it isn't exactly cut and dry While I have attempted to keep this list as accurate as possible, I cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this list.

Use as a reference only. TD04 housings have part numbers that start with TD04L housing part numbers start with All the other TD04 and TD05 turbine housings have a single volute in the turbine housing.

Like the TD04LR, the "R" in the designation refers to the fact that the turbine wheel spins in the reverse direction counter-clockwise compared to the standard TD05H turbine. The MHI part numbering system, and the possible combinations, can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing. This turbo clearly has the standard TD04 housings at least by external appearances.

TD04 turbos used in other cars even some other TDB turbos use the cartridge.

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The "13G" in the model name refers to the compressor wheel. The "13" is the size and the "G" is the style. The 13G wheel has an exducer or base diameter or 2.

All MHI wheels I have seen have 12 blades. Blades are always evenly spaced, but the pitch and height of the blades can change between models.Obsessed with power? Passionate about performance? So are we! Our Advanced Aftermarket Product engineers are no strangers to the race track. They spend hours under the hood.

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Their expertise has sparked innovations for racing and performance enthusiasts around the world. What kind of turbocharger would you build for your high-performance car? The engineers in BorgWarner's Advanced Aftermarket Product group created a wish list of every notable design characteristic. They used materials that had never been combined into an aftermarket turbocharger.

EFR delivers quick boost response, powerful performance and reliable durability. Range of units supporting to 1, horsepower per turbocharger. And that legacy of excellence is embedded in every genuine BorgWarner turbocharger that we produce today.

BorgWarner High-Performance Turbochargers

Tweets by BorgWarner. The chart below displays the rated peak horsepower capability for each EFR turbocharger click to enlarge. EFR Power Range. EFR contains the highest level of technology currently available to aftermarket customers.

B1 Turbos. B2 Turbos. This venture is focused on creating exceptionally high engine performance through forced induction technology. Simply put, we are the world leader in turbos for high speed, high temperature gasoline engines. Faster spool-up at lower engine speeds. Powerful boost for top-end performance.

Punto T-Jet TD04 Stock Block 1.66Bar vs Leon Cupra 2.0TFSI 1.6Bar (mo meth)

Optional parts for EFR. Performance Matchbot Tool. Designed for competitive motorsports, AirWerks Series turbochargers provide durable, scalable, strong boost for enthusiasts who want a more powerful replacement or customizable turbocharger.Turbochargers are one of the most complex components of an automobile.

Much mystery surrounds the turbocharger. And that's somewhat surprising; after all, turbochargers are pretty slick pieces of machinery. They do totally cool things to an engine -- namely, provide more power output for a better overall driving experience. Turbochargers are a passion of ours here at BuyAutoParts.

k03 vs td04

Our OEM-grade turbochargers align and integrate perfectly with those cars which already have a factory-installed turbocharger. To us, there shouldn't be any "unknown areas" with the turbocharger. And just as ancient navigators created maps to gain knowledge about newly discovered regions, we decided to dig deep into a turbocharger diagram, with detailed explanations about each part of a turbocharger. This is the true powerhouse of the turbocharger.

Without the turbine leading the way, the turbocharger would simply be a useless piece of metal on top of your engine. But what does it actually do? In a nutshell, the turbine takes the heat and pressure generated by the engine and turns this energy into a spinning, circular motion. Much like a turbine at power generation plants but much smallera turbocharger turbine uses rotational force to drive a compressor wheel more on that laterwhich is essential for getting more air into the engine.

The turbine gets everything literally spinning in the right direction. As their names suggest, these ports allow oil to flow in and out of the turbine. As a high-heat, high-pressure component, a turbocharger requires clean oil to help move and lubricate the turbine shaft and other moving parts.

The middle area of the turbocharger, this part offers protection and support for the rotating compressor wheel and turbine shafts, respectively. In most turbochargers, the center housing usually holds the oil inlet and outlet. Given the tremendous pressure and spinning movement within the turbocharger, there are some parts that are tasked to provide structural support.

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Similar to the center housing and turbine housing, the back plate offers added strength and rigidity to the entire turbocharger. The back plate also provides additional aero surface for the compressor wheel as well.

Once the turbine creates enough pressure and force to spin, the compressor wheel takes it from there. The compressor wheel is powered by the turbine wheel. But its principal task in the entire turbocharger process is to move air into the engine.

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If the turbine is the 1 most important part of a turbocharger, the compressor wheel is 1A. The other spinning element in the turbocharger, the turbine, gets its own housing unit.

So it makes sense that the other rotational component, the compressor wheel, would also get a place to call home. Taking the whole turbocharging process as a whole, the compressor housing is the final exit.

Its job is to gather the compressed air from the compressor wheel and funnel it into the engine.Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register.

k03 vs td04

Please feel free to add or correct any info. Came across this and made a few corrections already. I do not take any credit on this cause I don't have enough time on my hands to do this and I lost the link to it.

I hope this helps anyone's personal decision on what turbo will work for them. TD05 turbine housing with 'H' style turbine wheel. There are S, SH, H There is no direct correlation between MHI designation and actual physical size of the compressor wheel.

G is the style of wheel uneven height of blades. C, B, T style wheel's blades have the same height. Blades are equally spaced, but the number and pitch of the blades vary between models. More specifically, it is the smallest cross-sectional area of the scroll, turbine housing.

The smaller number means faster spool-up but more back pressure at higher rpm. Bigger number means longer spool up but less back pressure, thus more top end power. Greddy modifies Mitsu turbos. I don't have any published specs for Greddy turbos and i have not taken any time to measure them.

It's possible some of turbos have different specs from Mistubishi. Garrett basically has two lines of turbos. The ancient, inefficient T series turbos and the new, modern, ball bearing GT series turbos. These are 50 year old, WWII generation turbos.

The newer line of GT turbos are ball bearing on journal and thrust bearing. The turbine and compressor wheels are improvely aerodynamically to flow more air. GT turbos produce slightly more hp then older T series turbos with the same number designation. A GT Garrett turbine wheel wil flow more air than similar sized Greddy turbine wheel.

Thus GT turbos are able to boost higher and flow more. Turbonetics and many domestic makers turbos based on T series turbos. Wheel "trim" refers to the squared ratio of the smaller diameter divided by the larger diameter times Generally, the larger the trim number the more flow the wheel has.

For "families" of turbine wheels those with the same inducer diameterlarger trim usually means better flow with less backpressure but longer spool time. The number means the compressor inducer size. The newer line of Garrett GT-R turbos are hybrid turbos. All Evo Turbos are twin scroll designs meaning that the engines exhaust is divided into two channels see first pic. As the engine exhausts in pulses. From the Evo 4 onwards, the Turbo spins in the opposite direction, i.What I mean here is; what kind of investment is needed per every Hp you will get.

As I always say, there is no better investment for starters than a properly developed performance software. Let me explain! Installing a performance software will give you an extra 50hp on your 1. Check Prices. It starts to get more expensive. Bringing your car to hp and lbs or torque may sound like fun and in the same time please take the time to consider the following. Some may forget, but you will also need to do some transmission work in order to hold this power together.

Once again, the cost of installation is not included in the price. Get yourself a GT28rs turbo kit also called the eliminator kit or the disk potato turbo. You will also need the following:.

It is actually cheaper per HP to do the Gt28rs turbo upgrade than the Ko4 turbo kit. A question that comes up pretty often, is weather or not to rebuild the engine when doing the GT28rs turbo upgrade. I also noticed that installing a limited slip differential made the car much more drivable, so if you have the extra cash, get one installed.

If you have more coins and want the ultimate 1. All these tuning options do apply to your Audi A4 as well. Some may consider an audi a4 turbo kit and once again, I think that your best option is either a simple software upgrade of the GT28rs setup. If you are on a budget, you can also choose to go progressively which at the end will cost you more money but will allow you to get the intake, the exhaust and all the other small modifications before dropping in the big turbo or the ko4 turbo.

For those of you that still want to get a ko4 Turbo kit, I do believe it is a safe and reliable choice. It allows you to keep your car looking OEM and gives you that huge increase in power out of your Volks or Audi while avoiding going into larger modifications. They are properly engineered and design to last a long time even when boosted up.

k03 vs td04

So please save yourself some time and money and avoid the mistakes I made by spending a little extra and getting the Borg Warner Turbo. Just avoid the hassle and go with what was tested and what works! When ordering your ko4 turbo kit, you want to make sure your kit is designed for your specific car for proper fitment. Question I have an Audi TT 1. Will the GTr turbo work on it? It will work for sure! Just the need to make sure it will fit your engine layout.Td4w has equivalent meaning to man up, don't be a bitch, why you scurred, etc Life's too short so don't spend it being miserable.

A compressor and turbine wheel have two basic The M90 is designed as original equipment on three vehicle types. Basically, is a fun upgrade.

A turbocharger will make good and bad noises but with regards to the bad noise, it is best described as a police siren. Presenting 16 avalanche corolla outer today!. Mitsubishi TD04 13G. Wagner: 'We all have one goal, we want to win'. And rebuilding internals is more about torque level than turbo vs SC though like I said, turbos make more torque.

k03 vs td04

These turbos are capable of whp max on the N54 and at this price its a bargain and they bolt right up to your N Its CAD design allows for super smooth gas flow resulting in quicker spool up from the turbo and more power throughout the rev range.

In this site, you will find a listing of products offered by the participating companies. Best Torrent site for game! As you can see from the photos, the result is quite eye-catching and hopefully we would get some performance increase due to the slightly increased tubing inner diameter. Silverstone TD02 Black Water. Download Image. CV Abarth Td04??? CV Bloons TD 5 has heaps of new features including.

That should tell you someting. When the cam side is set in degrees opposite to each other td41 vs. People in the 3s community have been upgrading to auto dsm turbo's for a long time, by putting a 3s turbine housing on them. Inspection will potentially show far more damage than the customer is expecting. Its still on stage 1 remap debaiting to get stage 2 map if im thinking of going to k04 or k03's hybrid.

When folding the whole setup, you can simply rotate and fold everything down, without disassembling anything. High Performance. Dzisiaj wybieramy jednak TDT! Jul 5, - Explore Turbo Zencar's board "turbocharger vs supercharger" on Pinterest.

GT20 vs TD Mitsubishi TD06 17C. Buy right now!. Thread starter Igor1; Start date Apr 10, ; 1; 2; Next. The TDk is basically just the new model of the TD-4k2. Your search for great deals and coupon savings ends here.

Is the ko4 Turbo upgrade worth it for your 1.8T?

K04 is easiest considering it is a direct bolt on replacement. Someone has a k03s turbo for sale for a resonable price on this board, however I've heard there are some gains with the k03s vs k03 Which I have stock on my FWD TT I've also been looking into a k04 turbo.Forums New posts Search forums.

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Is the ko4 Turbo upgrade worth it for your 1.8T?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I've been searching and reading around on here for a couple days, and I've heard: "bigger, smaller, xxxhp, yada, yada" I even downloaded and read the entire Design and Function.

It's nice, and the pinout's are handy, but really not very technical. I want to know the exact specs on the stock K03 turbo and the exact specs on the K04 turbo.

And I want to know if there is only one "K03". I've heard people say there are different "K04" turbos available And it was on a website that was not entirely English, lol.

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Thanks in advance! Ok, so there are several varients of both turbos. I have to assume that since they keep the same names K03 and K04 the K03 housing is the same no matter what, and the internals are different among variations? Same goes for the K04? It doesn't make any sense for there to be a K03 turbo that has both a different housing and different internals than a different K I believe the k03 in the hp 1.

Anyone with an early 1. It was somewhere between the k03 and k It's now out of production. Location Chicago.

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